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Age specific Fitness: A Way to Help Women

Woman in her life time goes through 3 major milestones. They are teenage, peri- pregnancy and peri-menopausal periods. Each one has its own demands of lifestyle and food modifications which, if not met appropriately can have colossal after effects both on her physical and mental health.

During teens they have stress of education, carrier and good looks.

Peri-pregnancy they struggle with multitude of issues at the same time. Pregnancy not only takes a toll on their health but also leads to a physiological turmoil. To top it all they loose their self -confidence due to obesity,toneless belly and lax joints which do not support them in carrying out the paramount task of taking care of their kid along with themselves.

 Physical Rehabilitation After Cessarian 

Post pregnancy recovery from cessarian section imposes added challenges for the body to resume its pre pregnancy tone(especially tummy) and it needs not only specialised but also an extremely targeted planning of diet and workout keeping in mind the  cessarian section wound strength, nutritional requirements of a feeding mother and water retention tendency of body. A staged approach of weight reduction, strength building and toning of body is needed and that is one of our speciality.


Peri-menopausal period has its implications in terms of hormonal imbalance and weakening of bones.

All these problems need counselling, right balance of nutrition and targeted exercise regime.

 Dr. Kanika offers a great combination of being a physician, a fitness enthusiast and above all a woman. Her ability to help women from different decades of life is well reflected in her client results and reviews over a short span of her existence in the world of body crafting.

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