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Wholistic Fitness Plan

Wholistic Fitness Plan “The Need of Modern World”

Today’s life is flooded with man-made challenges of food adulteration, drug injected eatables, food items over treated with pesticides and icing on the cake is pollution. All these lead to dreaded outcomes like weak immune system, easy contractibility of infections, memory loss, infertility, hair fall, early ageing, mood changes, easy fatigability, early onset heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, cancer and so on. Even though we are pretty much aware of these burning issues and many of us are already suffering from one or the other issue but still surprisingly we do not give importance to preventive measures to abate many of health hazards due to these man -made calamities.

When we are about to attend any function we pre-emptively buy appropriate apparels and accessories so that we can look our best in time for the function but surprisingly when it comes to keeping our health prepared for the future we prefer to buy excuses and keep waiting for the day when we start showing signs of health hazards. We are then ready to spend any amount of money or time in buying the remedy which might not be available with its full benefit.

I hope the readers have got a clue of what I am insisting on. As a physician I follow a holistic health plan and that’s what I recommend to all readers. An early incorporation of right diet and physical exercises designed to suit your type of lifestyle and comorbidities. If such practises are incorporated early in our lives we can easily keep most of above mentioned health hazards at bay and lead a fulfilling and satisfactory life. Just by following healthy eating habits and 40min of your type of work out almost all health hazards mentioned above in the article can be tackled with ease.

At nu-fit clinic your daily diet plan is designed in such a way that it suits your lifestyle and meets your needs of health and good looks. Our diet plans are easy to follow and are high at satisfaction quotient. We also design a 40-45min workout which suits your demands of age, comorbidities, weight-targets and charges you for the entire day. Workout schedule designed is very well crafted so that it can be done at home, park or gym, thus giving you liberty to be regular with your exercise regimen in any weather. We provide 7 days free of cost demonstration sessions so that exercises can be understood well in their proper format. Dr Kanika is already making plans for people of various age, gender and comorbidities. We are successfully giving care to not only overweight patients but are also providing services to patients of back pain, sciatica, knee pain, shoulder pain and cervical pain with promising results.

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