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Dr. Kanika Chauhan (Fitness Enthusiast): Monday to Saturday - 11am to 7:00pm Contact: 011-26271532 / 40364950
Dr. Anshumali Misra (Plastic Surgeon): Monday to Saturday - 5pm to 7pm Contact: 011-26271532 / 40364950

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What is Sustainable Weight Loss?


Weight loss which is not only achieved but also maintained for a lifetime is desired by all. Whether a celebrity or a commoner, slim and trim body is always in demand. A fitness/weight loss advisor who can guide all to not only become slim but also maintain the results is what modern society needs and at Nu- Fit clinic we provide an apt councelling towards the larger goal of weight loss targets. As different problems have different solutions so does these two issues, related to body weight. Excess weight if not dealt with at the right time leads to obesity, which may culminate into morbid state. So, it is clear that weight control must be initiated at overweight status.


How we make It Possible?

At Nu-Fit we design our client's programs of diet and workout, keeping in mind their likes, dislikes, allergies, lifestyle, job profiles, available time in hand, abilities and shortcomings. Because we believe that, in order to make weight loss achievable and sustainable, it is important that the plan offered is so closely customized towards the client's lifestyle and co-morbidities that rather than becoming a punishment for being over –weight the plan becomes enjoyable, achievable and possible. At closing of program Dr. Kanika (one of the Leading Fitness Consultants in New Delhi) guides the clients, on how to not only maintain their achieved results, but, also to keep getting better results day by day by applying basic tips given keeping in mind your body physiology and genetics. The consultation with the fitness consultant, at the time of program completion is complimentary.

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