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Mrs. Vijika, New Delhi

My experience at Nu-Fit has been a very positive one. Dr Kanika has been a great support to not only helping me loose weight but also give a holistic approach towards wellness of body and mind. With her help, I have been able to tackle my physical ailments while following a healthy diet and the fitness programme has been formulated by her keeping in mind my pain issues.
“All the best to Nu-Fit and Dr Kanika for her success”.

Mrs. Neha, New Delhi

I feel fortunate that I met Dr Kanika and she helped me reducing my targeted body part within 3 months. She is very generous and dedicated towards her clients. May god bless her!!!

Mr. Sanjay, Ghaziabad, U.P

I am very thankful to Dr. Kanika for relieving me from back pain. It was hurting me 24*7 before starting your pain relief exercise programme. Currently I am trying to follow the weight loss diet and exercise programme designed for me by Dr Kanika and that looks promising. Thanks a lot.

Mr. Anurag, Age:55yrs, Lucknow, U.P

When I met Dr.Kanika with my problem of overweight despite exercises I did not believe that weight reduction without side effects was possible. I have age related issues of uric acid and blood pressure and my diet plan had to be according to specific needs of my system. With Dr.Kanika’s help and guidance I was not only able to reduce my weight by 12kgs in 3 months but also lost 4 inches on my waist. During the programme my uric acid levels and blood pressure remained under control. Blood sugar was in normal range. Thanks for the help.

Mrs. Chhavi, Faridabad, Haryana

Firstly, I would like to thank Dr Kanika for coming out of her comfort zone and spending so much of her time individually in favour for others to be fit and gorgeous like her in this unfit world. Coming to Nu-Fit which is very peaceful place and get positive vibes once walk in…
Very effective programme and very well designed. I have PCOD and post pregnancy I put on a lot (115kg). I tried going gym and other heavy exercises and diet advices without any significant results.
Since I met Dr Kanika things have changed a lot. She is very helpful. There is no pressure at all. Everything is with in my comfort zone from exercise to meal plan. There used to be pain in my body post-delivery but now I feel much relieved of that too. I feel amazing after workout.Very light. Perfect balanced diet plan. I hope more and more people think like Dr Kanika. Keep up the good work.

Mrs. Vijaylakshmi, Allahabad, U.P

I am 55yrs old and when I started Dr Kanika’s weight loss and pain management programme I was suffering not only from overweight issues but also severe pain in my knees and lower back. My pain in back was excruciating and used to radiate to my leg. I also had cervical pain and thoracic kyphosis. Over all I was a challenge in a big way but Dr Kanika not only accepted this challenge but with her unique way of customised planning of diet and workout she patiently helped me in overcoming my overweight issue within 3 months. She also designed my workout plan for low back ache which like a magic relieved me of my sciatica and gave me amazing confidence. After 3 months she guided me how to maintain my weight and gave me a workout programme to keep me free of body aches. She also deigned my programme keeping in mind my posture issue because as per her my kyphosis had a bearing on my cervical pain and back pain so she guided me to correct my posture in which her exercises have also helped to a great extent.
"I wish her success and love. God bless".

Mr. Irfan, New Delhi

I am 25 years old, had only central obesity and to that extent that it was troubling my sleep and daily life. I had started day snoozing and was unable to climb two floors of a building comfortably. Then I visited Dr. Kanika for a tummy targeted diet and workout plan and reduced my tummy in just 2 months’ time like a magic. Now everybody talks about my tummy loss and I direct them to the real magician. Dr. Kanika thank you for making me feel young again.

Mrs. Sunita, Dwarka, New Delhi

I am 46 years old and an asthmatic since long. I was not only over weight but also had huge belly fat. My eating patterns were erratic and I was facing great difficulty in reducing my weight despite going to gym and working out under a trainer. Dr Kanika gave me a simple and follow-able diet and workout plan and I reduced both weight and tummy over 3 months just like a magic. For me she is a true magician. God bless and thank you.

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