Welcome to Be Nu-Fit

Dr. Kanika Chauhan (Fitness Enthusiast): Monday to Saturday - 11am to 7:00pm Contact: 011-26271532 / 40364950
Dr. Anshumali Misra (Plastic Surgeon): Monday to Saturday - 5pm to 7pm Contact: 011-26271532 / 40364950

Nu-Fit Clinic now launches surgical weight loss, surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures under one roof. Read More Here


The Plans


  • 1. General counselling for assessment of a patient and a suitable plan for desired results.
  • 2. Diet plan for weight loss.
  • 3. Work out plan for weight loss.
  • 4. Work out plan for specific part contouring.
  • 5. Diet and workout plan (general and post pregnancy weight loss and toning).
  • 6. One time counselling and plan for frequent travellers.
  • 7. Strengthening and stretching plan for major joint pains and posture correction.


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