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Hyper Local

In modern society being presentable is required as much as oxygen for living .Modernisation and mechanisation of everything has made our task even tougher .We do wish to be fit and fab but truth is that our life is extremely busy and this coupled with stress of daily living makes our life mentally exhausting but physically sedentary .We work from 9 to 9 but are we really physically active? We sit in our vehicles and cross miles but not on toes, we work in offices mostly sitting on chairs, we skip our food because not only it has been reflected as an indicator of supreme commitment towards our work, it also appears to be cumbersome and time consuming to get a home prepared lunch and open it to eat followed by utensil cleansing. So an easy option is of course packed food and drinks. This culture is now adapted by our kids as well. Unfortunately, our kids are spending more time with televisions, computers and other gadgets and are eating junk food. In short, science of healthy living is eloping, which is leading to increase in health issues like depression, obesity, heart diseases, hypertension, hormonal imbalance and infertility.

All said earlier is known to mankind what is unknown is that it is not rocket science to live a healthy life with a good and balanced diet even on busiest of your day. What one needs is only right kind of guidance.

In NU-FIT Clinic we listen to you very carefully and make your diet and exercise plan based on your lifestyle, likes and dislikes so that a holistic health can be achieved based on your own set targets. We also cater to your specific body part needs such as flabby tummy, loose bulgy sides, heavy buttocks, thigh or arms by our toning programmes.

We also provide specific and highly effective muscle strengthening programmes for those who have stress induced or age related pains and aches like neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and low back pain.

We give special care to post pregnancy women for a targeted weight loss as their body physiology is different and hence their diet and workout is designed keeping in mind their problems like water retention, non-uniform body fat distribution, lax and weak joints and toneless body especially tummy.

Post pregnancy one longs to get back in shape because the deformed shape haunts women. We believe that it is ones’ right to be back in shape, but what one lacks is right kind of guidance. In Nu-Fit, we provide diet and work out plans which are easy to follow and good at giving results if followed as told, whether at a gym or at home.

Our belief is that, a diet plan should be such that it comes from one’s own kitchen, one which is likable and gives health, energy and fitness, this clubbed with a targeted work out plan gives our clients that desired shape and helps them in getting near to their dream physique.

We are very fortunate that during the short period of our existence we have had quite a range of satisfied clients coming from both exposed to gymnasiums as well as non-exposed to any kind of exercise regimen ever. Our range of facilities from weight reduction to body contouring and major joint pain management under same roof, provided by a certified physician makes Nu-Fit clinic, an ideal choice for over-weight patients from any age group and with any kind of co-morbidities.

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