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Dr. Kanika Chauhan

M.B.B.S,DNB(Anesthesia) & Fitness Consultant

Make Your First Step to Fitness: Be Fitter, Healthier and Happier


Are you a commoner, one amongst the mango people?

Did you ever wish to have a picture perfect figure?

Did you ever think that, having one is impossible for you?

Did you ever curse your busy life for being an obstacle?

All this was my story following my pregnancy in 2012. I was a busy working mother, had piled on 19 Kgs of weight post pregnancy and had a caesarean delivery. Though I was a commoner I had only one problem, I was not ready to accept this overweight and de-shaping of my body as my destiny following pregnancy. Having a medical background I devised my 1st plan of a customised diet and workout at my home and the magic of that can be seen.

Presenting the Range of Our Plans Results in Its Various Stages

    From Over Weight        to      Post Weight Reduction



 To Flexibility & Toning 


If you too are not ready to accept overweight or de-shaping of your body as your destiny and are determined to fix it and are in search of the right guide for yourself, then take an appointment with us and solve the jargon of your weight and shape related queries in a CUSTOMISED way to recreate the magic.


It’s Never too Late to Lose the Weight !

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