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The Disease

Our practice is based on our belief that obesity is a disease and that  needs to be tackled as soon as it is realised by one self or a family member because it affects the entire body in similar fashion as Diabetes and is also a precursor of many ailments involving all the organs of human body.  Unfortunately, its remedy is still unsustainable or unachievable because it cannot be treated just by a chart or a walk and icing on the cake is done by easy availability of mouth- watering junk food and sedentary life style of modern world. Our slimming centre in New Delhi is unique in its approach, one which addresses the mirage of human body shaping from not only 360 angle but also at cellular level to achieve not only weight loss but also a lifestyle which supports lasting results.


How We Cure Differently?

Being run by a physician, Nu-Fit Clinic located in south district of New Delhi (India) offers one to one interaction of a patient with the doctor. Each patient is interviewed by Dr. Kanika and based on the interview a customised diet and exercise plan is drafted by the doctor. This also involves patients counselling and troubleshooting if needed any time in between the plan follow up. If a client has any co morbidity such as hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, osteoarthritis, PCOD etc plans are also customised to such issues.

It is a known fact that for an effective, sustainable and healthy weight loss one should incorporate 40 min exercise in daily routine but many find it difficult to follow because of their busy lifestyle, discomfort in joining gym or body issues like joint pains etc. To ease all these discomforts we provide our patients an exercise plan targeted on weight loss or specific body part contouring which is easy to follow at home or outside and highly effective in generating great results. All exercises are suggested only after considering patients ability and comorbidities.

All those who are frequent travellers and find it difficult to control their weight because of their life style are given one time consultation and plan for an easy management of weight without affecting their lifestyle/professional demands.

Dr. Kanika has keen interest in post pregnancy weight loss and tummy shaping, which is also evident in her own well contuored body post cesarean delivery, as she achieved perfect 10 and lost 22 Kgs following her delivery.

We also cater to the specific body part contouring (arm, hips, waist, thighs and shoulder etc) and posture correction needs.

We are treating major joint pains with only muscle strengthening and stretching exercises designed personally by Dr. Kanika which are yielding amazing results for those who were age and osteoarthritis affected and were heavily dependent on medications. Pain management utilising only muscle strength is an amazing concept especially helpful in low back pain/sciatica, knee pain and cervical spine pain.

All the plans of diet and workout are highly customised and result oriented, made by Dr. Kanika personally. All the counselling sessions are also taken by Dr. Kanika (An Experienced Fitness Counsellor in South Delhi).

We give high priority to make the plan follow-able, practical and result yielding. At end of the program a counselling session is given by Dr Kanika on how to maintain the achieved results without loosing the fun of life.

We strongly believe that part of the secret of success is perfecting the tricky balance of fun with planning without killing the mood.

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