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Dr. Kanika Chauhan (A Fitness Consultant in New Delhi)
My Own Journey of Transformation

Dr. Kanika Chauhan has been into fitness for past 20 years. Being a fitness counsellor, she has been exposed to various forms of fitness regimes like free workout, weight training, Pilates, yoga, swimming, dance and so on. When she delivered her baby, post delivery she realized her body had D-shaped, which affected her physically and mentally. Being a fitness consultant in New Delhi, she struggled hard for her own body shaping and after vast reading on diets and fitness programs she realized that to get back into shape and get rid of various joint pains she was struggling with following her pregnancy, she needs to devise a customized program for herself which is scientific and easy to meet her demands of time management between family, profession and fitness.

Dr. Kanika After Pregnancy Dr.Kanika after some time

Before                                                              An Old Person after completion of Plan

She made a plan based on her medical knowledge of diet planning for critical care patients in ICU and the reading she did later on dietary requirements for a healthy weight loss. Similarly, Dr. Kanika Chauhan designed her workout on the goals of losing weight and gaining a well- toned body. The results are easily appreciated in her transformation from 69 Kgs to 49 Kgs along with a well-toned body structure. Her transformation post-delivery forced her to ponder that if a doctor who reads human body throughout life and, a fitness enthusiast like her can struggle so much for a shaped body, then how about a lay person who has no knowledge of the human body and muscle structure and is busy in day to day life.

During her journey of post pregnancy transformation she also realized that each body varies in response to the same plan which means each body needs customisation of plan for early and great results. Dieting and exercising can only yield good and sustainable results if done intelligently so that fun of living is never lost. During this phase of post baby birth rehabilitation, she also discovered amazing power of her muscle strengthening workout plans which not only helped her in getting rid of her pains, but also aided in making her body strong to facilitate achieving her shaping goals.

All this led to the idea of Nu-Fit Clinic, which is committed to a healthy loss of weight, gaining of shape and confidence and liberate one from the pains of major joints for ever without any medications.

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